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Custom Borders

Custom Borders We can add appeal to most outdoor environments by installing beautiful custom borders. We have dedicated people who can design and create edgings for walkways, parking lots, gardens, trees, and many other areas and structures all around your outdoor area.

Creatively Designed Custom Borders

When designing custom borders for landscape features and amenities, we consider the theme of the landscape and the specific element that requires edging. As a rule, we ensure that the border’s design complements with the entire landscape for a unified look – whether the element that needs a border is the garden or the walkway. We also consider the specific utilitarian function of the borders to guarantee that they will be fully usable. Finally, we incorporate the client’s design preferences to make sure that the border is truly customized.

Meanwhile, we only use the best quality materials that we can find, either from our own inventory or through our partner suppliers. Specifically, we use any or a combination of the following materials when installing custom borders in landscapes:

  • Concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are easily the toughest materials one can use to build borders in outdoor spaces. When installed correctly, they can provide a lifetime of service, thus making them truly worth every single dollar spent.

  • Bricks. Bricks exude a warm appeal that is perfect for any outdoor setting. We have topnotch bricks from leading suppliers so you can expect an outstanding custom border for your landscape.

  • Natural stones. When you’re aiming for the best aesthetic boost for your outdoors, then natural stones are the best pick. You may choose from slate, bluestone, granite, basalt, marble, and other stunning natural stones.

Additionally, we may also use other border materials such as metal, wood, or rubber if the client desires. The good thing about the custom borders that we install is they are priced competitively so clients need not pay a fortune. Call us now at (808) 726-9495 for your questions or concerns on design-and-build services.
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