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Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace Imagine a cozy evening, with hot chocolate in your hand, snuggled up with your family and you have your entire garden as a backdrop. It might sound crazy to you to hang outdoors in Hawaii when the chilly wind sweeps across from the ocean. Did you know that the latest trend in outdoor landscaping is to have an outdoor fireplace? In fact, these fireplaces are much safer and warmer during winters. Your house is saved from fire hazards and also the air remains clean indoors.

Outdoor fire pits and fire chimneys are becoming increasingly common in homes these days. Are you wondering where to build an outdoor fireplace? Don’t worry about it and leave the planning to us at Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC. We know exactly what would fit where and if you have an outdoor kitchen, it makes the task of building a fireplace outdoors even easier.

How to Build a Fireplace?

Building a fireplace is a very easy task but it has to be done carefully. Some people start a do-it-yourself project to build fireplaces, so that they can save money on labor. However, they tend to ignore the most important aspect which is safety. A fireplace is a potential fire hazard whether it is indoors or outdoors. Why would anyone want to expose their family to a fire accident just to save some money? Leave the important task to the professionals. Our professionals know what to do to build a safe outdoor fireplace and will make sure that you and your family enjoy the outdoors roasting marshmallows or just cuddling up together and creating romantic moments.

When to Start?

Outdoor Fireplace If you have decided to have an outdoor fireplace then you should start building it when the outdoor weather is good and rainfall does not impact your project. You also can add several creative twists to the fireplace. You can add interesting furniture like weatherproof furniture and loungers to relax in front of the fireplace. This type of furniture is easy and light to move around. Ask your landscape designer for decorative ideas and they will be more than happy to help.

If you are looking to install an outdoor fireplace, look no further than Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC. We have the expertise, experience and the right tools to jumpstart your project. Call us on 808-726-9495 today to get a quote and ideas. Our executives are very professional in their approach and will go the extra mile to guide you through the rest of the process. While we may be located in Wahiawa, we service practically all of Hawaii, including Honolulu, Aiea and Kailua.
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