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Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Our company can create sturdy, functional, and beautiful stone veneers for both exterior and interior parts of a residential property or a commercial establishment. The veneers we use are all top quality ones since we get them directly from trusted manufacturers and suppliers of landscaping materials. This means that we're not short-changing you just to complete our custom masonry project involving stone veneers.

Skilled Stone Veneer Installers

At Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC, we have highly skilled stone veneer installers with extensive experience in property improvement projects. They can handle renovation jobs or new veneer installation in residential and commercial properties. Veneer installation is a highly specialized job, so you need to hire expert people like us. This project should be carefully planned and handled by qualified installers. By hiring a well-experienced company like us, you will be assured of durable structures and outstanding outcomes. Your walls will not only look elegant but also well-protected from the elements.

Why Choose Stone Veneers?

There are a lot of good reasons why you should opt for stone veneers. Aside from the natural beauty of stones, this type of cladding will provide you some outstanding benefits. For one, natural stone veneer is a versatile masonry material since it can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It is also economical to use because you won't have to perform frequent repair and maintenance. When properly installed, the veneers will last for decades without needing replacement.

At Unlimited Landscape Hawaii LLC, we highly recommend thin stone veneers to our clients. They are lightweight, easy to install, and long-lasting. The stone veneer that we offer and install doesn't require additional footing or reinforcement, so you can reduce labor cost and fast track the completion of your project. Real stones are actually cost-effective materials compared to manufactured or cultured stones. Call us now to learn more about our stone veneer installation service and the specific areas in Oahu that we serve.
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