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Sod Installs

If you wish to have a wonderful-looking lawn, then let us offer you one great option: sod lawns. Our sod installation services will ensure that your barren lawn area will suddenly become an oasis with our top-quality sods. The sods that we use are the finest available anywhere, and our landscape workers are trained to install them efficiently and speedily so you'll have a stunning lawn in no time.

The Best Sod VarietieS

Sod Installs In order to achieve the best results for our clients, we only install the best sods that we can find from reputable nurseries across Hawaii. We carefully select the sod variety that you prefer to ensure its proper and healthy growth. The types of sod we offer include:

  • El Toro Zosia
  • Sea Shore Paspalum
  • St. Agustine
  • Hybrid TifGrand-Bermuda

Sod Installs We have dedicated crews who are professionally trained sod installers. They are highly experienced and have installed thousands of acres of sod for residential and commercial properties throughout the island of Oahu. When working on projects concerning sod lawns, our installers follow proper and systematic installation procedures, which are at par with or above industry standards. We know that without correct installation steps, our fine-quality sods will be useless.

Professional Sod Installers

If you're finding a hard time getting professional, competent, and trustworthy people to work on your sod installation needs, worry no more. Our company offers the best installation service for sod lawns. Our seasoned sod installers have already completed countless installation projects across Honolulu, Hawaii. We can guarantee you a stunning and healthy lawn in no time and without paying more than what your budget permits.
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